Rebounder and Sciatica

by Sharon
(Alberta, Canada)

I have sciatica nerve pain and I need a hip replacement.

I am 60 years old and do not want the surgery, is a rebounder safe for me to use as I can't walk very far. Thanks.


Hi Sharon,

If you are using the rebounder appropriately and start very slowly, then more than likely it would be fine. You should certainly run it by your doctor first though.

Even people who cannot walk at all can take advantage of rebounder benefits. If you can sit on it and have someone lightly bounce behind you, that would be a great way to flush your lymphatic system. Or you could try sitting in a chair, putting your legs up on it, and lightly bouncing them up and down (see rebounder exercises).

You could try standing on it and lightly bouncing up and down as well - making sure that your feet do not leave the mat. I'd definitely recommend buying the stabilizing bar that comes with it if you think you're up to that.

And definitely get a high quality rebounder like Needak - I firmly believe that they make the best rebounders. Other rebounders made from cheaper materials can actually put a lot of pressure on your joints.

I've heard of people saying that using a rebounder has helped with sciatica, but I don't know of anyone personally.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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by: BILL

I had a severe bout of sciatica all day today. After several minutes of rebounding quickly at 150 light bounces per minute my pain started easing. I believe this warrants further experimentation.


That's great to hear, Bill. Thanks for sharing!

Approach Wellness

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