Who Makes the Best Rebounders?

Are you looking for the best rebounders or the best deals?

Certainly no one wants to waste their money. But that's exactly what you'll do if you cut corners and buy a cheap rebounder.

You just can't get around the fact that a well-constructed unit is incredibly important for your health and safety.

So who makes the best?

Two competitors stand well above the rest -
Bellicon and Needak

comparing Bellicon vs Needak rebounders

Before I compare the two units, let's first see what they have in common.

  • They are both made of high quality steel. Cheaper rebounders that are made of aluminum can bend or break. Not a good thing if you happen to be bouncing on one.
  • Both rebounders have a special long-lasting mat that won't crack or sag. The mats of cheaper models can, and often do, stretch out. This can put pressure on your ankles and back (without you even knowing about it).
  • Both provide an optional stabilizing bar that attaches to your unit. It's a great feature for those unsure of their balance.
Bellicon logo

I only recently became aware of the Bellicon brand (late 2013). I had no idea there was another type of rebounder that did not rely on springs.

The company contacted me to see if I'd be willing to put it to the test, since I have always loved my Needak. I agreed. The whole review can be found on my Bellicon Rebounder page, but here is the summary:


  • Bellicon is made in Germany, where they really know quality. You can expect to pay more, but you'll get something that will greatly outlast the cheaper competitors.
  • Bellicon uses bungees made of natural rubber. They give an unrivaled bounce that is much higher than any spring-based competitor. This makes bouncing much more fun as well as more effective.
  • The bungees make the rebounder incredibly quiet. No more SQUEAKY-SQUEAKY when you bounce.
  • Switching out the bungees (for a stiffer bounce or to replace worn ones) is a breeze.
  • No springs to accidentally step on - this is especially great for kids as there is no worry about being pinched (not that adults would enjoy it - we're just more careful :).


  • The price is probably too high for most people. It is about twice the price of a Needak, which is already the most expensive spring-based rebounder.
  • The warranty isn't as good as the Needak. My concerns about this have faded though after using it for two months. These rebounders are high-quality and would only break with abuse.
  • They don't have any foldable models, just legs that fold, so they aren't as easy to store.
  • Since the bounce of the Bellicon can be much higher than the Needak, those with low ceilings might not be able to use it to its full capacity.

***UPDATE - As of July, 2015 Bellicon now offers a lifetime warranty on their frames and FREE SHIPPING!  Thanks to Bellicon for listening to their customers.***

I (Melissa) owned a Needak for about ten years. During this time I absolutely loved it. Before purchasing it I did a LOT of research.

This including bouncing on other brands - and the difference in quality was quite noticeable. Bouncing on the other brands felt about the same as jumping up and down on the floor. In other words, NOT very fun. If you choose springs over bungees, Needak is definitely the best rebounder out there.


  • They are made in the United States and surpass all other spring-based manufacturers in terms of quality.
  • Springs are incredibly important. Other manufacturers have attempted, but failed, to duplicate Needak's design.
  • These rebounders can fold in half for easy storage or for travel.
  • They have the best manufacturer's warranty.
  • They are much cheaper than the Bellicon models.


  • Much more work than bouncing on a Bellicon and not near as high a bounce.
  • The bounce is not as effective at strengthening your body (although still way better than cheaper models).
  • The springs are noisy, no matter how well oiled.
  • The springs are incredibly difficult to replace.

After a two-month trial comparing the Bellicon with the Needak, I have to say I definitely prefer the Bellicon (which came as quite a surprise to me). I believe Bellicon is the best rebounder on the market.

But no matter which brand you choose, make sure you go for quality when purchasing. The cheaper models will save you money upfront, but won't last anywhere near as long and are not near as good for you.

Where to Buy the Best Rebounders

Bellicons are available to purchase online:
U.S. - www.bellicon-usa.com
Europe - www.bellicon.com

Needak rebounders can be purchased from retailers, online, or directly from the manufacturer.

I've found that Amazon.com almost always has the lowest prices if looking to purchase a Needak online (see below).

Whichever one you choose, I wish you happy bouncing and good immune system health!

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