Reebok Rebounder

by Rama Ananth
(Bangalore, India)

There is Reebok Rebounder / mini trampoline going at 40% off and the price seems reasonable, but can I go in for that is my question?

I read in the net that the best ones are Reboundair and Needak, can you help me decide as both of these are very expensive and would have to be ordered only online whereas the Reebok is available in the shop here in India.

Also is there some discount scheme going on for Needak, and how will they replace the various parts for people who are living abroad with no service centers or shops dealing with the particular product?

Thank you,

Rama Ananth.


Hi Rama,

I understand your concern. High-quality rebounders are not inexpensive, but they are an excellent investment in your health.

As you've probably read on my best rebounders page, I only promote Needak rebounders. I take that recommendation very seriously.

Needak has been in business since the early 1990's – no other manufacturer comes close to that. Their company has survived because they produce QUALITY rebounders.

I have not been able to find out much about Reebok rebounders, which I've found to be common when researching other brands. I did find that they have a steel frame (which is far superior to the aluminum you'll find in cheaper models).

But what about the mat – what it is made out of? Will it stretch and sag like other cheaper models? How much shock will the springs absorb?

I can't find the answers to these questions.

But I believe the biggest concern for you will be finding replacement parts. It can be difficult or simply impossible to find replacement parts for other brands of rebounders, since many of these companies routinely change manufacturers or simply go out of business.

You WILL need to get replacement parts if you plan on using your rebounder for a long time. That's not something most people think about when they are shopping around.

So you'll save money upfront, but what happens when you need new springs a few years later? If you can't find them, you'll have to buy a new rebounder. That's not such a good deal after all.

After about 5 years and countless hours bouncing on my Needak soft-bounce rebounder, I finally had to replace the springs. The entire set of springs cost me $40. I bought the unit new for around $300.

Although Needak is a U.S. company, it does ship replacement parts overseas. They recommend using a mail carrier like FedEx or UPS so you'll be able to track your package after it leaves the U.S.

You will be able to replace the parts on your own. No need to take it to a repair shop or send it away for service.

Here is the manufacturer's website if you have additional questions or would like to see how much replacement parts are.

For buying the rebounders themselves, I've found that generally has the best deals.

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions about what I've said, use the comment link below.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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