Sprouted Grains and Candida

by Loren

Hi Melissa,

First off, thank you so much for posting your experience and wisdom! It has given me hope that I can one day feel better! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am suffering from a terrible case of systemic candida. I've been taking an anti-fungal supplement (Bio Command's FungDX #4) for a month and I haven't seen much improvement. During this time I have limited my carbs (but not completely).

Is it okay to have things like Ezekiel bread (sprouted grains) or should I completely avoid all carbs 100% for a month or so. My holistic healer believes Ezekiel bread and vegetables are okay. I was hoping to get a second opinion.

I've also been eating lots of plain yogurt with live cultures... I'm going to give it another month, hopefully things will turn around for the better!

Thank you so much.


Hi Loren,

I agree that Ezekiel bread should be fine to eat and shouldn't provide the yeast any nourishment.

If you haven't noticed any benefit after a month of taking that supplement, you might have a type of candida strain that doesn't respond to it. Different strains are affected by different compounds and some strains are harder to kill than others.

Lots of raw garlic and organic unrefined coconut oil are surefire ways to kill whatever strain you might have. Both have many antimicrobial compounds so the yeast cannot develop resistance.

The easiest way I found to take raw garlic is as follows:

Before bed, chop up a whole clove (organic is more potent and better) into small pieces, add to a few ounces of water, and drink it down quickly. Taking it at night on an empty stomach gives all those yeast-killing compounds the best chance at doing maximum damage.

I've never noticed any bad breath from this, as there is no chewing involved.

As for the coconut oil - two to three tablespoons per day of the right kind of coconut oil is a powerful weapon against candida.

Just make sure that your colon is clean enough to handle the toxins that will get dumped into it from the die-off. Otherwise you will probably feel even worse and those poisons will get reabsorbed.

Check your body pH too. If you don't correct over acidity, the yeast will just come back.

If you are looking for one simple program that does all of the above, check out my best body detox page.

Good luck with the battle. Candida can be tenacious and those little guys will fight until the bitter end!

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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