Tips for Buying a Quality Rebounder

by Michelle Robertson

I am currently doing some research on the best rebounder to purchase and so I stumbled across your website that had a link to "which is the best rebounder?" I am totally new to the idea of rebounding so I am after all the info I can get.

There is plenty of info out there but I am trying to decipher between the companies that just want my money and the ones who actually have pride, excellence and experience with their product.

I started out my little research project on rebounders when a friend from America told me of the benefits she had been getting from using her Urban rebounder just from using it for 20 mins 2-3 times per week. She is now saving up to invest in a 'Cellerciser'.

I myself am turning 40 years old next March and have 5 children aged 19, 18, 14, and twins aged 3. I have been keeping fit at home for 15 years with strength training, pilates and walking. It's only been recently that my twins have become too big for me to take them walking in a pram, and so now I am limited to just using my treadmill at home for cardio.

This gets monotonous and boring, so I find it hard to keep up the motivation to even do 20 mins. As a consequence to this drastic drop in my cardio and given that I am getting to my middle age years, I am gaining weight at a speed I can't seem to control. Also I might just add that for about 1 year now I have been practicing eating intuitively, which feels very right and nourishing for me in many ways.

However the reason for this big long story is because after all the reading I have been doing on rebounding, I am starting to think that purchasing one could just be the solution to my dilemma at the moment (that is until my twins go to school).

Correct me if I am wrong, but a rebounder seems to promise so many benefits for someone such as myself who has plenty of motivation, is time poor, but is stuck at home with not enough disposable cash to spend on gym fees or creche costs.

The other consequence to my inability to get more cardio in is that I am starting to lag in energy, I basically feel flat and depression wants to set in. Apparently from what I have researched rebounding energises the body ......... I could do with a little more (or a lot) of that especially trying to keep up with two 3 year olds!

Do you think a rebounder could be my solution?

Thanks from a desperate mummy at home :(


Hi Michelle,

Yes, mini-trampolines are a great way to energize your body. They can be a very good cardio workout with added benefits that you just can't get from running, jogging, dancing, etc.

Your little ones will probably love jumping on it too. It will be a great way for them to burn off all that extra energy!

It's great to see that you are doing your research before buying a rebounder. There are many cheap models that do not provide the same health benefits as a quality rebounder.

Have you seen my page on best rebounders? It gives a break down of what to look for.

You need to think of a mini trampoline as a health investment. Yes, it's going to set you back a few hundred American dollars, but it will last you many many years.

But, and this is a BIG but, you need to be able to find replacement parts when needed. Many people do not stop to consider this.

So whatever brand you do buy, make sure you know where to order replacement parts (such as new springs, mat, clevis pins, etc.). If you do track down these parts, ask how long the manufacturer has been in business. Many times these companies go out of business after a few years, or change manufacturers, leaving you high and dry when parts wear out.

If you can't find replacement parts, you'll have to spend the money again on a brand new rebounder!

That is one of the big reasons I only recommend Neekak Rebounders. That, and the incredible quality rebounders they produce. You say you are looking for "pride, excellence and experience with their product" - and that is Needak.

They ARE the manufacturers, and they have been in business since the early 1990's. Making high-quality rebounders is all they do and they always have all replacement parts in stock.

After about 5 years of bouncing on my Needak soft-bounce, my springs finally wore out. They never broke, but simply didn't have the spring-back that they used to. A complete set of springs only cost me US $40.00. No other parts have showed enough wear to require replacement (and I've had my unit since 2005), but when they do it will be easy for me to get the parts.

They are located in the U.S., but deliver world-wide.

I've found that generally has the best deals.

Also look into getting a kettlebell. They are an amazing workout that allows you to combine strength training and cardio. They give you the freedom to work out anywhere and are perfect for full-body workouts in minimal time. I love throwing mine around!

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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by: John

It is deligthful to read this post and i get many useful point through this post. Please keep posting such kind of post.

Needak worldwide
by: Jen

Just so you know, Needak don't deliver to Australia and don't plan to anytime soon. Still looking for a good one here in Australia...

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