Too Much Vitamin C

by Joyce A.
(Hallettsville, Texas)

Can a person get too much vitamin C in pill form?

I have heard that our bodies will get rid of any that we do not need.

I have a lot of urinary tract infections, so have been taking cranberry pills with 2000 mg of vitamin c, but still get a lot of infections. I cannot take long term antibiotics, and have developed an allergic reaction to them. Any help will be appreciated.



Hi Joyce,

You heard right. Vitamin C is water soluble, meaning that our bodies will excrete what we do not need.

Vitamin C is also used up rapidly by our bodies, so getting too much requires a purpose on your part. What do I mean by that?

Some people, myself included, take large amounts of vitamin C to determine how much our bodies need. All of the details can be found on my vitamin C flush page, but basically you take 2,500 mg (2.5 grams) of vitamin C powder dissolved in water or juice every 15 minutes. This is continued until you get watery diarrhea.

What is happening here is all of that vitamin C comes to a saturating point in our tissues. The body cannot use or hold any more, so the excess is sent out by way of the bowels.

So that is the common symptom that you've taken an excessive amount of vitamin C. It's completely harmless though, and the diarrhea goes away soon after your last dose of the vitamin.

For many people, especially those with health issues, it can take many TENS of grams (1,000 mg = 1 gram, so 10,000 mg = 10 grams) to get to the point of diarrhea. 30-50 grams (30,000 -50,000 mg) is not uncommon.

So for the average person taking supplements such as yours, you'll never have to worry about getting too much.

For your urinary tract infections, check out this page Natural UTI Remedy and Prevention.

Using the actual juice will be much more effective. Just make sure it is 100% pure unsweetened cranberry juice. You'll know you found it when your jaw drops at the price tag.

Yes, it's expensive, and yes, you'll probably need to drink a lot of it to defeat your infection, and yes, it tastes terrible...

But it WORKS! And it's cheaper than a trip to the doctor for those prescription meds you can't take anyway. There are also prevention tips on that page above for avoiding those urinary tract infections in the first place.

If you have any questions, please use the comment link below.

Thanks and wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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