Using a Rebounder After Hip Replacement

by Rocky
(San Luis Obispo, Ca)

I am 63 years old. I am retired and in great shape. I have had both hips replaced. I do heavy work living in the country. We have a Needak rebounder with a support bar. My hips were replaced 3 and 6 years ago. Can I use the rebounder safely without damaging the new joints?


Hi Rocky,

As with any exercise, caution is the key.

Rebounding on a Needak soft-bounce rebounder is very easy on the joints. In fact it is 87% shock free, so very low impact.

I believe anyone can benefit from rebounder exercise. You just have to know your limits.

Doctors even recommend certain exercises right after hip surgery in order to prevent blood clots, increase circulation, strengthen your muscles, and improve hip mobility. Lightly rebounding (health bouncing - see rebounder exercises for instructions) will give you all of those benefits.

Also remember that rebounding does not tear down tissue, but instead increases nutrients, oxygen, and circulation which nourishes and rebuilds cells.

Just start out slowly and gently and stop if you feel pain. You'll be able to gradually increase the time spent on the unit as you get stronger.

Just make sure you replace the springs regularly, as they will wear out after about a million bounces. For someone using their unit every day for half an hour, that would be every one to two years. If you are using it for several minutes a day, the springs will probably last 5 or 6 years.

Wishing you the best of health.

Approach Wellness

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