How Does Rebounder Exercise Work?

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Rebounder exercise leads to the fountain of youth...AND a vigorous immune system.

Quite simply, using a rebounder strengthens and detoxifies every cell in your body. On each downward bounce, you gently squeeze your cells, removing toxins while at the same time making them stronger.

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Another amazing benefit -

Rebounding does not tear down tissue, but instead increases nutrients, oxygen, and circulation which nourishes and rebuilds cells.

So how does it work? It all comes down to the three natural forces involved in rebounder exercise: gravity, acceleration, and deceleration.

For those of you getting ready to zone out or skip ahead, bear with me - I'll keep it simple.

When your body gets stronger, you are actually becoming more efficient at opposing gravity.

As an example, say you hold your arm straight out in front of you. How long can you keep it there before your muscles tire?

It depends on how strong your muscles are. Those with stronger muscles can hold their arms out longer, and so they are better able to resist the downward pull of gravity.

man working out with dumbbells

People who want bigger, stronger muscles lift weights. What the weight is actually doing is increasing your opposition to gravity. The cells in your muscles get stronger in response to the repeated opposition to gravity (lifting the weight).

Gravity simply pulls down on you, so let's visualize gravity as a downward-pointing arrow.

Acceleration and deceleration (increasing and decreasing speed) for most exercises, like running, involve moving parallel to the ground. Let's visualize them as sideways-pointing arrows.

So, after all that, here is why rebounder exercise works better than any other exercise - you are accelerating and decelerating up and down, in the same direction as gravity.

Your body responds to all three forces as triple the gravity, which results in a gentle squeezing of all your cells at the bottom of the each bounce. This pulls toxins out of your cells, and stimulates them to become stronger.

rebound forces explain rebounder exercise benefits

Rebounder Exercise
Boosts Your Immune System Too

So why does it do such a great job of strengthening the immune system?

Well, it stimulates every cell in your body, including your immune system cells, with light bouncing and aerobic jumping.

The light bouncing (where your feet don't even leave the mat) is the most efficient way to flush your lymphatic system.

Just two minutes of this "health" bouncing is enough to flush toxins and waste products out of your body.

When the lymphatic system is flushed, new white cells come rushing in - energized and ready to stand guard.

You see, our circulatory system relies on our heart to pump blood. But the lymphatic system has no such pump. It relies on your physical movement to move the lymph fluid around. Without this movement, the immune cells in the lymph fluid cannot move around efficiently and your health suffers.

But the mini trampoline is an excellent exercise for moving that lymph fluid around. In fact, you can consider it your lymphatic system "pump."

So using your rebounder will not only get you or keep you in shape, it will also keep you vibrant and healthy!

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