Using a Rebounder with Prolapsed Bladder

by Cece

Dear Melissa,

I just bought a Needak rebounder after seeing your suggestion on this site.

I had a surgery for a prolapsed bladder 2 1/2 years ago. My doctor put in a mesh.

I have been doing kegel excercises, etc. ever since. I realize that my core is still not very strong and decided on the rebounder to help myself get stronger.

Now I am worried that I might undermine the surgery by bouncing up and down. I am 57, not overweight. I do walk and lift weights.

I feel I have not yet regained my physical state as it was before the surgery. I think the anesthetic took a lot out of me also. Do you think it is okay for me to use the rebounder in regards to the surgery I had?

Thanks, Cece


Hi Cece,

I'm glad I was able to convince you to get a rebounder. The health benefits are so numerous that I believe everyone should have one.

But only if it is a quality rebounder like Needak (see best rebounders for what to look for when shopping around). The cheaper models will cause a jarring effect that can actually cause you harm.

I assume you bought Needak's soft-bounce model? (The hard bounce model is only for those individuals weighing over 300 pounds.) The soft-bounce springs provide a cushioning bounce that is almost 90% shock free.

Everyone can benefit from a high-quality rebounder - no matter what their health history.

Just start out very slow with only a minute or two of health bounces (see rebounder exercises for instructions).

The rebounder is an excellent choice for prolapsed organs. That's because bouncing tightens and tones all the cells in you body, including your internal organs.

No other exercise can say that!

If I were you, I would bounce gently (no need for your feet to even leave the mat) and ever-so-gradually increase the amount of time you are using the rebounder. Don't push yourself. It might not feel like you are actually doing anything, but you are.

That's one of the great things about this kind of exercise - you don't have to really exert yourself to experience a lot of very positive rebounder benefits.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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