Essential Oils for Women

General Women's Health Issues

Essential Oils for Women  - common problems that may occur in women's lives or recurring nuisances.

Candida or Thrush

This is a very common condition but by using essential oils for women it can be controlled. Candida naturally occurs in the body as an aid to digestion but when there is an overgrowth of the microorganism it causes the symptoms of itch, discharge and smell.

It is very annoying, inconvenient and, worse, it can lead to more serious infections of the bladder and the cervix. It can also take its toll on your emotions and lead to depression. It needs to be treated.

Candida can last in the body for many years, undetected. It can affect many bodily systems if left untreated and can be very difficult to eradicate. If you have candida it’s best to do something about it sooner rather than later.

All sugars and foods containing sugar need to be eliminated from your diet as the Candida yeast feeds on sugar. Any foods which convert to sugar also have to be removed from your diet. So caffeine, alcohol, white flour, sugar, condiments, sauces, processed foods all need to go. At least until the infection is cleared up.

Essential Oils for Candida

The best thing to relieve the symptoms of Candida is yogurt and essential oils inserted into the vagina. Only use pure, unpasteurized, whole milk yogurt with acidophilus culture and no preservatives or additives.

Add 5 drops each of Chamomile German, Lavender and Tea Tree to 100g yogurt and stir well. Keep in the fridge until needed. Now you need to insert some of this mixture every day. The further in the better. Keep doing this until the symptoms are gone.

Cellulite Skin Layers

Normal Skin Layers

It is estimated that 80-90% of women have cellulite but it is rare in men,</span> which seems to indicate an hormonal component to its presentation. Cellulite is not a disease or medical condition but a fairly normal formation of fat under the skin which by pushing against the connective tissues gives it that distinctive dimply look.</p><p>It will appear mostly on thighs, buttocks and tummy.

There could be various reasons for it appearing. If it’s in your family you will probably develop cellulite at some stage in your life – it’s common after 35 years of age.

Keeping slim may help to reduce its development as the more fatty deposits in the body the more cellulite there is. A poor diet lacking in fresh veggies and fruit, too much red meat and alcohol is believed to contribute to cellulite. Lack of exercise will certainly cause cellulite to develop. Remember to stay hydrated, eat sensibly, refrain from seesaw dieting and get plenty of exercise. Reducing the toxin build-up in your system is a good start to reducing or even eliminating cellulite.

Concentrate your exercise regime on the areas which have the cellulite. These are the areas which tend to not get any exercise - result: toxins build up as waste products. Stimulate your blood circulation to process and remove the toxins from your system. Stress will aggravate cellulite so try to relax – add some essential oils to the bath. Using essential oils for women in the bath or a massage will go a long way to reducing these toxins.

Essential Oils for Cellulite

Patchouli, Lemon, Sage and Cypress would be ideal for this as the oils are absorbed directly into the skin – just 3 drops of one or a total of 3 together.

Having a regular cleansing massage with a blend which targets cellulite will be beneficial in the long term.

Other Essential oils which can be helpful for Cellulite are: Mandarin because it helps improve circulation and Lemongrass, which is a toner and astringent.


Cystitis is an infection of the bladder with a burning sensation when passing ur ine.

  • While you have cystitis avoid wearing close fitting clothing around the genital area, especially nylon or synthetics.

The synthetic material inhibits air circulation and the genital area can remain moist - which can lead to bacteria breeding. Same thing goes for close fitting underwear.

  • Increase your fluid intake and avoid alcohol and caffinated drinks.

The extra fluid helps to flush bacteria from your body and can help prevent the infection from spreading. Drink only weak herbal teas or pure water as alcohol and fizzy drinks may exaccerbate the problem.

  • Make sure your bladder is completely empty each time you pass urine.

This will help to expel bacteria. Always wipe from front to rear to avoid spreading infection from the anus to the urinary tract.

  • Alkalise your urine.

Reducing the acidity of the bladder can help to relieve the burning symptoms and can make it more difficult for bacteria to survive. A teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water can help or a commercial product is available from chemists. Avoid acidic foods.

If left untreated Cystitis can spread to the kidneys and cause damage. Act as soon as it becomes obvious that you have this infection.

Essential oils for Cystitis

Make a blend of 5 drops Tea Tree, 5 drops Chamomile (preferably German), 5 drops Sandalwood and 5 drops Bergamot in half litre of cooled boiled water.

Soak a wad of cotton wool or clean cloth in this solution and then dab it at the opening of the urethra.

Also, make up a massage blend of 3 drops German Chamomile, 3 drops Bergamot, 3 drops Tea Tree, 2 drops Sandalwood and 3 drops Lavender in 10ml carrier oil. Massage around the inner thighs after a bath or shower.

In that bath you can use essential oils for women as well. It is a good idea to use essential oils which are antibacterial and antiseptic like Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender and Thyme. Just add a couple of drops ofn some or all of the above essential oils for women to a total of 6 drops in a warm bath or sitz bath and soak.