Rebounder History

From Shaky Beginnings to Growing Popularity

Why have such few people heard of this amazing exercise? Let's look at a little rebounder history...

The rebounder as we know it was originally invented back in 1938 by a man named Ed Russell. He evidently wasn't a master at marketing(!), because no one was interested in his invention until the late 1970's. That's when an exercise expert, Al Carter, finally brought it out into the spotlight.

needak rebounder

A mini trampoline craze ensued, with tens of millions of units being sold in the 1980's. Unfortunately, most people thought of them more as toys or novelty items.

They were just not aware of all of the wonderful rebounder benefits...

The fad soon faded, and because manufacturers had built them quickly and cheaply to keep up with demand, many broke and were simply tossed in the trash.

Most manufacturers went out of business - and the poor mini trampoline went back into the shadows.

But the rebounder is making a comeback.

And this time for all the right reasons.

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