Candida Albicans - Tips for a Persistent Infection

by Craig

I have had a candida albicans infection for the last 2 years from years of having prostatitis treated by antibiotics. I have tried staying on a candida diet. But because I have high metabolism and have slight build, I lost 15 pounds with the diet. Too thin for me. I have since gained some of it back. I have also been on diflucan for short while which has side effects. I do take probiotics daily and take coconut oil and bake coconut flour recipes. Any suggestions. Thanks.


Hi Craig,

When candida albicans overgrow, these little microorganisms are frequently persistent and tenacious. So, as you have found out, they can be difficult to get back under control.

You are doing the right things with the coconut oil and probiotics.

If it hasn't been working, I would recommend checking your body pH.

Coconut oil will kill all candida strains, but if your internal environment is still favorable for them, they will come back.

Probiotics are needed to reestablish the colonies of good bacteria in your gut. But if the internal environment is unfavorable, they will not grow and thrive.

Do you see where I'm going?

I made a similar mistake many times. I would find a product that would kill the yeast and it would make me feel better. But then the familiar candida symptoms would sneak back. Soon I'd be back to where I started from.

You need to focus on taking away the favorable environment for the yeast. For many of us, that means achieving body pH balance.

Candida grow in an acidic, low oxygen environment. The waste products they release make our bodies even more acidic and even more oxygen-starved.

By eating more alkaline-forming foods (and taking alkaline supplements too for those really acidic), we can bring our bodies back to proper pH balance.

Candida cannot grow in such an environment, but the good bacteria can.

Besides your probiotics, you might also want to supplement with prebiotics. Prebiotics are "food" for the probiotics. FOS (short for fructooligosaccharide) is a popular prebiotic that encourages the good bacteria to grow.

As for your prostatitis, I would have your vitamin D levels checked. The benefits of vitamin D are thought to include prostate health.

I realize you live in Florida, so you certainly have all the access you need to get vitamin D from the sun. But studies are showing that even the majority of those that live in Arizona, our sunniest state, are vitamin D deficient. This is because the majority of us work indoors and when we do go outdoors, we are covered up or slathered in sunscreen.

Let me know if you have any other questions (use the comment link below).

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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