Candida Cleanse on the Cheap

by Gina
(Independence, KY USA)

Hi Melissa!

I am considering the 15 day Thisilyn Cleanse as I cannot afford Dr. Natura's products currently. I was wondering if this cleanse will be beneficial in treating my (or at least what I think is the problem) systemic candida problem (I have or have had most of the symptoms listed for this problem).

I am very paranoid about making this problem worse as I cannot work and feel useless to my family due to this problem. It has taken over every aspect of my life and am tired of feeling like I am "crazy."

I would be sooooo thankful for any insight!

Thanks so much!



Hi Gina,

I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. I had a pretty severe systemic candida infection for years, but not to your extent.

I do understand how it can make it seem as though you are crazy. When candida overgrow, they release toxins that course through your bloodstream. One of those toxins is acetaldehyde. This chemical has a strong effect on your central nervous system - and can give you the feeling that you are losing your mind. Not to mention the effects on memory.

Unfortunately, the cleanse you mention (as much as I like it for beginners) is not meant to rid the body of candida. Especially not for a severe case such as yours. See this page on the Thisilyn Cleanse for more info on why it isn't good for candida.

The Dr. Natura programs are still the best I've found for eliminating candida overgrowth. They really address the route of the problem.

Although I just checked out their site and the prices on Colonix and ToxinOut have gone up dramatically - and are now overpriced in my opinion. I'm conflicted in saying that because they are great products and they have helped a lot of people (myself included - I still use their fiber supplement almost daily). At least they still offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

But really, how many people can afford over $500 for a three-month program? It's really putting these products out of reach for most people and that's a shame.

Okay, off the tangent and back to the issue at hand.

If I had a bad candida infection and had a tight budget, which product would give me the best bang for the buck? A candida cleanse on the cheap, if you will.

Hmmm, what does your fridge and pantry look like? If they are full of whole foods with a minimal amount of processed items, you could just cut out sugar and simple carbs for a few weeks to knock the yeast levels down. Also drink plenty of filtered water to help flush out the toxins from dying yeast.

But if you're like most people, there's a lot of junk and processed food lurking in the kitchen. So buying healthier foods would be quite a bit more expensive.

In that case, still try to start eating whole foods and work on eliminating processed foods from the house.

Then add organic virgin coconut oil to your diet. The benefits of coconut oil are many, but in your case it is very helpful in reducing the amount of candida in your body.

Use it for cooking, can even eat if off the spoon if you are so inclined.

Just start slowly and increase the amount until you are consuming around three tablespoons of coconut oil per day. If you start to feel the effects of candida die-off, reduce the dose for a while and increase again when you feel better.

Raw garlic is also excellent for killing candida. Although the amount needed might make you socially unacceptable! I used to cut up a raw clove finely, put it in a few ounces of water, and drink it right down before bed (as opposed to chewing the cloves). That seemed to lessen the garlic smell.

Other supplements for killing candida are listed toward the bottom of my page on candida cleanse methods.

Keep in mind you'll need a longer-term strategy to keep the candida from coming back. Balancing your body pH is critical if you want to be free from excess candida for good.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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