The Importance of a Lung Cleanse

Assist your Lungs in their Natural Detoxification Process

a woman doing a lung cleanse by breathing fresh air in deeply

Not too many people consider lungs as an organ of detoxification.

Yet they are – and a lung cleanse can dramatically improve your health and boost your immune system.

Think about your breathing for a few seconds. And the fact that our lungs are primary points of contact with the outside world. The air that surrounds you goes directly into your body.

But it's not just air that we breathe in.

It's an alarming amount of chemicals from our homes, cars, commutes, cleaning products, and places of business.

We are constantly breathing in pollutants. It's depressing to say the least.

Every day we breathe in around 15,000 liters of air – that's around ten liters every minute! How does this pollution affect our lungs?

It becomes more clear when we understand lung functions.

How to support your lungs

The easiest way to support lung detox is to exercise those lung muscles.

You might not realize it, but our lungs are made of muscle tissue. Strengthening those muscles makes it easier for lung cleansing.

How do you strengthen those muscles? By breathing deeply. Most of the time we only use about a third of our lung capacity.

Breathing deeply, whether it be through yoga, a musical instrument, or exercise (a rebounder works great), will allow us to access and clean out the other two-thirds.

A vaporizer is also a great help to our lungs. The warm, moist air that vaporizers release is great for softening up the waste material that gets lodged in our lungs.

For added help - add menthol, tea tree oil, or eucalyptus to the vaporizer.

Drinking certain herbal teas can also assist with your lung detox. Comfrey, horehound, and fenugreek are particularly helpful.

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