The Best Rebounder at a Good Price

by ABH
(Largo, FL)

Would like to know the best rebounder, where to find the best price, best company to buy from. I have been searching for too long. Don't want to make another expensive mistake.

I eat very well have done a lot of research on health because no matter what I do I still feel so tired - also diagnosed hypothyroid.

A alternative doctor told me I need a rebounder.

I seemed to have gotten over fibromyalga pain all over my body. Now I have arthritis pain in the joints of my right hand. Two of my fingers are very stiff after I hit my hand very hard several months ago - so I don't want a rebounder that would hurt my feet.

Thank you for any info.




If you are looking for the best rebounders, I would look to Neekak Rebounders.

They have been making high-quality rebounders since the early 1990's. They are made in the U.S. and have an excellent warranty. Perhaps most importantly, they provide easy to order replacement parts.

It can be hard or simply impossible to find replacement parts for other brands of rebounders, since many of these companies routinely change manufacturers or simply go out of business.

So if you find another brand that you believe to be high-quality, see if you can find replacement parts for their units. If they do provide them, see how long the company has been in business.

Remember, parts will wear out eventually. If you can't replace them, you'll have to buy another rebounder. That's not something most people think about when they are shopping around.

After about 5 years and countless hours bouncing on my Needak soft-bounce rebounder, I finally had to replace the springs.

The entire set of springs cost me $40. I bought the unit new for around $300.

I will have to replace some other parts maybe after another year or so, but it will be $20 here and there - nothing compared to the cost of another unit.

I've found that generally has the best deals on rebounders, but here is the manufacturer's website too.

As far as your health issues, have you had your vitamin D levels tested? Fibromyalgia and arthritis have been linked to vitamin D deficiency.

You might also have an iodine loading test done to see if you are iodine deficient. When you are exhausted all the time and no cause can be found, it is generally iodine related.

I am in the process of working on a section on iodine. Like vitamin D, our worries about overdose have caused a whole host of problems from deficiency in these critical nutrients.

Wishing you the best of health (and happy bouncing!),

Approach Wellness

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