Candida Diet and Colon Cleansing

by Jodie

Hi and thank you for your website.

I've been doing the Nature's Sunshine Candida Cleanse. I'm in week 3 now, and I'm following the candida diet very closely. I do berries with whey powder, almond milk, and almond butter for breakfast. Then just meats, vegetables, and nuts the rest of the day. I've noticed some improvement.

My fatigue is better, but still a lot of symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue and low thyroid. I'm still having a lot of hair loss too. How will I know when to stop the program and diet?

I'm thinking I need to do a colon cleanse. Any thoughts?

Thank you so much!



Hi Jodie,

I commend you for being able to stay on the candida diet for so long. It's incredibly difficult and generally those who stay on it a long time do so because they are really suffering.

I had an alarming amount of hair loss too - as well as many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

As far as how long to stay on it - unfortunately it depends on each individual person. How long do you think you've had candida overgrowth? Has it gone systemic? I've tried so many candida cleanses I've lost count. They would work for me for a while, but then those familiar candida symptoms would sneak back. It was terribly depressing.

I finally beat the infection for good when I got my body pH back on track.

If you haven't already, I recommend testing your saliva pH and urine pH to see just how acidic you are.

A good candida cleanse product will help you get better faster (although it might create a bad die-off reaction), but to truly rid yourself of candida you need to take away their environment.

Candida love the acidic, low oxygen environment that comes with a too low body pH. They make your body even more acidic with all the toxins and waste they release (see acidosis).

In that sense natural colon cleansers will definitely help clean them out. It's not nice to think about, but candida like to live in the impacted fecal waste that we have stuck to our colon walls.

Following a natural colon cleansing, I would look for alkaline supplements that can bring back your body pH balance to a healthy slightly alkaline state (I like the supplements from pHion - especially their alkalizing greens).

But you need to get rid of the excess yeast first, otherwise balancing your body pH will take longer, since they will still be dumping toxins and acids into your colon (and bloodstream if it is a systemic candida infection).

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,

Approach Wellness

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what helped me with yeast
by: Anonymous

I was on mulitiple antibiodics for yeast infections 10 years ago. I kept going downhill as far as health, so stronger antibiodics were prescribe. I read a book by a Dr. Remmington called "Back to Health" and followed the protocol. I stayed off sugar and white flour for 3 months (worth it!), took a caprylic acid yeast cleanse and ate beets every day. The missing piece that I think many have is that their immune system is messed up and can't retain the health. So in addition to these things, I also took a product called Ambrotose from a company named Mannatech. This seemed to help my messed up immune system. I have not had a problem in 10 years. And, while I do eat healthy, I don't have to monitor everything I eat.

say noway to whey
by: Tara

stay away from whey period! you will see serious improvement!

Husband can by carry
by: Anonymous

Remember, your husband can be a candida carry too, its not always your fault. Try having sex with a condom for a few weeks, if the yeast infection does not return, know that the candida lies in your husband.

2 years
by: Anonymous

I have been to one gyno after next, as well as a number of general practitioners and the longest I've gone without a candida flair up is about 2 weeks. The doctors put me on a number of antibiotics because of a uti and bacterial infection that had gotten really bad and ran thousands of dollars in tests to see what was wrong with me. Some people can take a simple monistat cream for 7 days and be fine but when your life consists of watching every single thing you eat. Not being able to eat out with your family or have cake at birthdays for that long it can really drive you into a deep state of depression. People on here seem to know what its like when you suffer from candida and I was wondering if anyone knew a way to get rid of it for good. I thought I had gotten rid of it last week but I went out to eat with my mother and it was on its way back by the end of the day. I also have had a toenail fungus I caught in yoga class for almost 2 and a half years if anyone knows how to cure one of those. Thank you....

systemic candida
by: MG

THANK YOU for this website. I was beginning to think that I just had to get used to living with all of these horrific candida symptoms. It's made life really complicated! Candida wears on the body and mind and I'm 28 with an almost 11month old. This is supposed to be an exciting phase of our lives and really, it hasn't been pleasant because I battle this on a daily basis. My family is in constant worry mode for me. I've been to about 6 different doctors. All of them thought I was just going through postpartum depression and were quick to suggest antidepressants. I refuse to even take tylenol so of course I couldn't take something like that unless I knew I really needed it. I went to an ND and started Nature's Sunshine liquid cleanse but it didn't work for me but I still continued on with the next phase, tackling the candida... and I do remember starting to feel all kinds of different symptoms but didn't think it was working so I started another yeast cleanse (by solaray)and I really thought I was losing it. EVERYTHING hurt, itched, burned... and honestly, at the time I got so scared that I stopped it. Worst thing I could've probably done. So now I'm back with all the symptoms, just twenty times worse. I did go to an Endocrinologist who put me on synthroid for my diagnosis of Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Upon reading all of the info on this website I've concluded that I most definitely have a severe systemic candida. My urine has been really frothy/bubbly for almost three months now. It's hard getting out of bed every morning.I had pretty much every symptom that's listed on this site--the dry, persistent cough really bothered me. I have absolutely no energy to crawl around on the floor with my baby. It's truly awful. So, I went on and ordered the colonix kit and can't wait to start it. Whether it works for me or not, I'm excited for it to arrive. I've put a lot of stress on my body thinking that I was dying and was going to get cancers and all other sorts of chronic illnesses. My dad passed away of lymphoma and I started correlating all of my symptoms to what he had. So all in all, thank you for this information and taking the time to share this. I feel very hopeful :)

DrNatura Cleanse
by: Jodie


Thank you so much for your response. Yes, I'm really suffering right now.

I have insomnia, anxiety, severe hair loss, lack of muscle tone, depression, fatigue, the list goes on!

I'm only 33. I had my second child about 8 months ago. And my low thyroid led to adrenal fatigue soon after he was born.

I will definitely look into the pH info. I'm already aware of the importance of having a more alkaline environment. I eat extremely healthy and drink tons of water. But obviously that's not enough.

Beyond all that, do you suggest I do the colon cleanse *before* pursuing anymore candida cleanses?

I'm willing to buy the entire 3 month DrNatura Colonix and Toxinout if that's what it takes. I just want to be healthy again.

Thank you for your help!



Hi Jodie,

If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend the DrNatura products.

I believe they provide the best chance of ridding you body of all the excess candida.

It's a fairly easy program to follow too.

Their products will give you a thorough colon cleanse, parasite cleanse (if you have any), probiotics and prebiotics that will repopulate your digestive tract, a thorough whole body cleanse, and alkalizing green supplements to get your pH back on track.

I have yet to find anything out there that even comes close to comparing with the DrNatura products.

Even my very skeptical sister couldn't believe how well it worked for her. Although she complained a LOT in the beginning because it took about a few weeks for her to really notice her energy levels and overall health improving.

The great thing is that there is no risk. They have a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee. If you don't notice enough benefit, just send it back.

As for your thyroid, I would recommend buying organic virgin coconut oil.

Besides increasing thyroid function, coconut oil also increases energy levels, kills off candida, is a antifungal and antibacterial, and boosts your metabolism and immune system. If you are breastfeeding, it also makes breast milk much healthier for your baby.

You should also try to limit unfermented soy and refined vegetable oils - as all suppress thyroid function dramatically.

Best regards,

Approach Wellness

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