Sluggish Liver Symptoms

by Deepak
(Maharashtra, India)


I have following symptoms :

- Constant Fatigue which increases after meals for last 7 years
- Mild and constant cold for last 7 years
- Soft sticky motion 4 -5 times a day for last 10-15 years
- Gas and hyper acidity for last 7 years
- Back covered with acne and sores for last 10-15 years
- Burning and tired feet for last 7 years.
- Premature graying of hair
- Frequent throat or stomach infections as told by doctors

All medical tests done. No adverse finding. Do I have sluggish liver? Liver function test has no adverse remark.

Please advise my ailment/disorder and its cure.

I shall be highly obliged for the favour.




Hi Deepak,

I do agree that your liver sounds like it is struggling. Your symptoms immediately sounded like a candida infection to me.

Read over the section I have on candida albicans and see if that might be the underlying problem. Candida puts huge stress on the liver, as it excretes lots of toxins that the liver must deal with.

The best treatment I have found for excess candida is the toxinout and colonix programs from Dr Natura (see my best body detox page). However, I see that these products are not available in India.

What you want to look for are products that kill the yeast and detoxify your body.

Unrefined organic coconut oil will kill the yeast quite well. Just make sure it is unrefined as most refined coconut oils are quite detrimental to your health (they contain trans fats).

You would work your way up to three tablespoons per day (about 44 mL). Start slowly. If you take too much oil too fast, you'll cause a massive candida die off reaction that will make you feel incredibly terrible.

For detoxifying your liver, you can probably find the herb milk thistle (see liver cleansing). It not only cleans the liver, but it also helps the liver regenerate new cells.

You should also be drinking at least 2 liters of filtered water everyday to help flush out the toxins from candida.

Check your body pH as well. You'll have to correct your body pH balance to keep the yeast from coming back.

If it is possible to purchase the Dr Natura products, that would be the best option. It will kill the yeast, balance your body pH, detoxify your entire body, and reestablish the good bacteria in your gut. If you can't purchase the products, use the coconut oil, milk thistle, lots of filtered water, and lots of vegetable and fruits to get back on track.

Finally, be sure to get your vitamin D levels checked. Many people in India are vitamin D deficient.

Common vitamin D deficiency symptoms are bone pain, soft tissue tenderness, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, muscle wasting, muscle weakness, low energy, a weak immune system, tooth and gum disease, and sleep disturbances.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Best regards,

Approach Wellness

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