Systemic Candida and my Current Condition of Tinea Versacolor

by Andrea Micus
(Tucson, AZ)

Hi Melissa,

I am so happy I found your site today! I am now 41 and I believe I have been struggling with systemic candida pretty much all my life. Now that I think about it, I can remember that I started feeling "off" at about nine or ten and at that time as well started to gain weight.

I have always been bloated and battled with weight gain but my main concern over really the last 10 years or so has been a skin rash that was diagnosed as Tinea Versacolor and lethargy, severe muscle, joint, skin inflammation. It feels very Rhumatic even though I have not and do not ever plan to be diagnosed with any type of those diseases:-).

The candida was addressed as a problem last February when I went to see a Nutritional Response Testing practitioner. The method tunes into the nervous system through muscle testing. Yeasts came up as the biggest concerns for my body and we began to treat them. I have taken Enzymatic supplements as well as BioCommand Fungdx as well as some other supportive supplements.

However....nothing I have done has eliminated it completely and I have done a lot. I have done a 30 day juice cleanse (with green detoxifying veggies not fruity concoctions), changed my diet and eliminated refined sugar, wheat, and dairy - even trying to adopt the paleo perspective.

All have helped tremendously, especially being on the cleanse for 30 days but nothing I have done has eliminated it from my body and it has always come back, sometimes worse than before.

I am intrigued by the information on your site and the dietary cleanse and the Dr. Natura clease that you recommend. I am planning on investing in some pH strips to check my current pH levels and researching the stricter diet protocol that you mention.

Given the information that I have shared with you do you have any insight as to if this would be a good plan to put into action or would you recommend another avenue to take?

Also...Currently every morning I drink raw ACV, raw honey, and lemon in a little tea I make. It makes a huge difference in my mental clarity and energy (so that is why I have continued it) but I don't think any difference for my body symptoms. Is raw ACV still good to take on a candida cleanse? I know that just like lemon they are acids that help alkalinity.

I do believe that everything can be healed and that our problems start in the mind before we develop physical ailments. I know I can get a handle on it and eliminated the physical cause from my body by helping to nurture and support it.

Thank you,


Hi Andrea,

It sounds like you are doing all the right things to kill the candida, but you should be improving after all of this. The problem with a long-term systemic candida infection is the hormonal and nutrient imbalances it creates. Most likely there are other issues that are keeping you from improving.

The Tinea Versicolor sounds like the symptom of a bigger problem. Common reasons for this condition are low levels of skin-supporting nutrients (vitamins A, B12, C, D, E, minerals like zinc, selenium, magnesium, and iodine) which result in a weakened immune system.

You need to support your immune system as well as fight off the yeast. Make sure you make doing both a priority. If your internal environment doesn’t improve when you wipe out some of the candida, it will make it very easy for the yeast to reestablish.

This is why some people don’t have good luck with some candida cleanses. They are failing to get to the root of the issue which allows the surviving yeast to hold on and multiply. This is why I like the Dr. Natura cleanses. I just wish they weren’t so expensive for what you get…

How is your digestion? Have you checked your vitamin D levels? What about B12? Tried the zinc taste test or the vitamin C flush?

I would also HIGHLY recommend buying organic coconut oil. You can take it internally to kill the candida plus topically to kill the fungus on your skin. It is powerful though, so be sure to back off if you start feeling candida die-off symptoms that are too strong.

The raw apple cider vinegar is fine to continue. It has the “mother” which has many health benefits. Watch out with the honey though. Sugar is sugar as far as yeast are concerned, and they will feed off of it.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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